For years I wandered aimlessly looking for something to fill the void in my empty, lonely heart. I searched in vain until the day I was willing to surrender my life, goals and dreams into the hands of Someone who loved me more than I deserved. My search for meaning ended the day I met the Author of truth. Like many others, I was unable to find answers in the things I had been searching. Nearly every direction I turned, my mind was bombarded with sensory overload, leaving me perplexed, confused and wondering, what is the true meaning and purpose of life?

Fortunately, there were answers that made sense and I found them in a relationship with Someone who did not leave me to wander aimlessly alone. If you discover what I learned you, too, will find peace and purpose for your life. UnlockingTruth’s mission is for you to experience the joy and freedom Jesus gives, a gift He offers, as you receive Him as your Savior and Friend.

If you have a few minutes, watch this presentation titled, “Unfailing Love.”  I pray it helps you discover the answers you need.


Are you feeling disconnected from God? Perhaps you can take a lesson from a horse. Yes, an equine lesson may open your heart to reconnect with Jesus.


What do you do when fear threatens to destroy you happiness and security? Join us as we discover how God’s peace can fill your heart and transform worries into perfect peace.